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ALFAmath: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika


Volume 3, No 2, Desember Tahun 2023

ALFAmath: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika is open access peer reviewed research journal and literature review that is published by Intan Cendekia Education Foundation (Yayassan Pendidikan Intan Cendekia). ALFAmath is providing a platform that welcomes and acknowledges scientific articles in the form of research and literature dealing education written researchers, Educators, and Education Developer of Mathematics.

Journal Title: ALFAmath: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika

English Title: ALFAmath: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika

Publication Frequency: Twice a Year in June and December

Publisher: Yayasan Pendidikan Intan Cendekia ISSN 2722-8029


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